Saturday, 3 January 2009

"You canna fool me ... there is a no Sanity Clause"

l feel no need to explain the heading. lf you have no idea what it means or where it is from ... tough! Tel would've known in an instant what it was and most likely followed it up with an impression. He was very good at them, infact too damn good! ;-)

Many moons ago, Tel told me about a new ATM that only dispensed money if you had already put money in. lt was impossible to go overdrawn with it. He was very impressed with it. There were however certain facts that he kept secret ... no doubt much to his amusement. Nice one Tel ... you got me! ;-)

Apologies are now in order to Tel as l had to break into his ATM machine! Those of you that knew him know what a master of technology he was. The ATM was guarded by a code that took all the capabilities of my powerful computer and knowledge of algorithms to break.

At times l was thinking 'l'm a geddin nowhere' but l persevered until the early hours and finally the ATM gave up it's secrets. As the high security door sprang open, the light flooded the internal vault of the ATM.

lt was an astounding sight to behold. For there for all to see and behold was ... in all it's splendour ... a much used and empty Barclays plastic coin bag!

The code that was used by Tel was indeed "a cunning plan" and some would say that by revealing this code would be an absolute revelation ...

so, l won't! ;-)

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